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0 comments | Friday, December 8, 2006

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An interesting discussion is hot these days about top diggers getting paid to Digg someone's story. Kevin Rose stated clearly that "Diggers will never get paid" because it would create an inequality among those that do get paid and those who do it for free. I offer a solution: give the Diggers some of Digg's traffic.

It's obvious that many Diggers consider they should have some benefit from their hard work (and it is hard work; just try and get 20% of your stories promoted to the front page and you'll see).

What I propose is very simple: instead of the line:

submitted by XXX 2 days ago (via xxx.com)

put the line

submitted by XXX (website: XXX.com) 2 days ago (via xxx.com)

Or, even more simple, make the submitter's name a link to his website, not his profile.

This way, Diggers would get some amount of traffic from their submission, which they can use as they please. The top Diggers - the ones who put in the most effort and have most stories promoted to front page - would receive more, in proportion, than Digg beginners; but that's only fair.

What's important to say here is that this traffic wouldn't make anyone a millionaire. People will still click on the story in 99.999% of cases. But, if you're good enough, you're going to get a few hits by Diggers who will undoubtedly be interested in your success.

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