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0 comments | Saturday, November 25, 2006

Notice: You are viewing a post on my old site. Click here to go to the new site.

I'm pretty new to Blogger, so I'm - as usual - already tweaking everything in sight. I was dissapointed with the fact that there is no support for categories, but I was delighted to see that there are at least 30 hacks that show how to do them anyway

In the end, I chose to do it the old fashioned way - by hand. I created a bunch of articles named "Category: something", and I update them manually, adding links to new articles by hand. Then I simply create links to them - in this case in the top menu.

Why I chose to do this manually, you ask? Well, this way I don't have to use any external services like del.icio.us for it, so I rely only on Blogger, and users never navigate off my blog. Also, I choose not to use extra javascript on this page if it's not absolutely necessary. If you overdo javascript, especially on a blogging platform like this, where you have no absolute control of the code of your webpage, things can get messy.

Since this is not really my idea, I won't go into details, but there's a really nice and long list of all possible category hacks for Blogger here at Freshblog. Enjoy.



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