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0 comments | Friday, December 15, 2006

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Microsoft.com received a complete redesign, featuring lots of unused space and less clutter (that's good), no tables (that's also good), and, most importantly, a menu that gives you quick access to all Microsoft products and services.

Microsoft's pages have mostly been hell in the last couple of years. The homepage itself wasn't bad, but god help you if you tried actually finding some precise info about a Microsoft product or service.

Since Microsoft's pages are a never ending jungle of tutorials, help articles, technological explanations, updates and whatnot, I don't reckon they've actually managed to set all that in order. But, at least the new home page is clean and pretty. And, they've added a menu which at least points you in the right (general) direction - on the upper right side of the page you know choose between "Products and related technologies", "Downloads and trials", Using Microsoft products", "Security and Updates", "Training and events", "Support" and "About Microsoft". Click on "Products" and you actually get info on all Microsoft products in one place. Well, almost - each link leads you to a part of the old Microsoft site, but at least it's all there in one place. Finally - less confusion, less noise, more actual info.

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