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0 comments | Friday, December 8, 2006

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More and more journalists end up in jail for their work every day. There are currently 134 imprisoned journalists all over the world, 49 of which are bloggers and Internet journalists. Is blogging real journalism or not, you ask? Well, the jail is certainly real.

As reported by CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists), 134 journalists all over the world are imprisoned because of their work, which is an increase of 9 since last year. What you would call "regular journalists" - print reporters, editors, and photographers are still the largest category with 67 cases of imprisonment, however, it's interesting that Internet journalists are now imprisoned in 49 cases, which is over one third of the overall number.

This means that, although some (especially the traditional media) still don't perceive bloggers and rogue journalists as real journalists, the absolutist governments and regimes definitely see them as a threat. On top of that, it's probably easier for them to imprison bloggers because the public outcry is far less than when a renowned journalist is jailed.

China, Cuba, Eritrea and Ethiopia lead on this sad list with 31, 24, 23, and 18 cases of imprisonment respectively. If you're wondering, US also made the list, with one journalist in detention at the infamous Guantanamo Bay. You can read about each of the cases in detail here.

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