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0 comments | Wednesday, November 29, 2006

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For years, manufacturers have been pushing Intel's subpar integrated graphics chips in their 'business notebook' categories. Now, with the coming of Vista, business users will also want better graphics, if they plan to use (and why shouldn't they) Vista on them

Checking the hardware prices as usual, I still notice tons of laptops for sale with old integrated 945G (or even older 900) Intel chips which supposedly fall under the 'business' category. Well, these can only be called 'business notebooks' if the manufacturers and retailers think that business users don't plan on using Vista, because using Vista on Intel's 945g is not a really good idea (although it will work in lite mode).

The age of "business notebook = crappy graphics" is over, and we can thank Vista for that. Either Intel's widely used integrated graphics chips will become more capable in the future (See under: GMA X3000), or manufacturers will switch to other graphics solutions.

Bottom line is: if you're a business user looking for a laptop, and have even a remote desire to maybe sometime run Vista on it, think twice before you buy a 'business laptop', because you might be disappointed. If you're not a tech expert, don't believe the 224 MB of VRAM claims or similar nonsense; in fact, you should probably only go with a laptop that has ATI or nVidia slapped on it.

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