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0 comments | Monday, December 11, 2006

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A report commissioned by Microsoft and created by IDC claims that Vista will create 157.000 new jobs in the IT industry and generate $70 billion of revenue.

Basically, what IDC claims to have done here, is compare their standard prediction of IT growth in 2007 and then compare that to their prediction of Vista's impact on the IT market, which they call the "Vista effect".

Among other things, the report claims the following:

- that 60% of growth in Windows-related employment will be driven directly with Windows Vista, which approximates to over 100.000 new jobs (1% of 10.3 million currently employed in the IT industry
- that every dollar of Windows Vista-related revenue Microsoft in 2007 translates to $18 dollars for the entire Windows-related IT industry, which means $70 in revenues

Although IDC clearly states that it has taken into account the growth IT market would achieve without Vista, I'm still not convinced that these numbers have much to do with Vista. The simple fact that there is a new Windows OS coming is what creates these numbers; it has nothing to do with the quality or any feature of the OS itself.

Full report here.

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