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0 comments | Wednesday, December 6, 2006

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Yahoo and Reuters' plan to institutionalize and organize (and profit from) rogue journalism is called You Witness, and the campaign is underway. Expect to hear the phrase "The death of journalism" a lot from now on.

Yahoo, who is doing a little reorganizing of their company, is together with Reuters the first big news player to openly embrace rogue journalism, asking people to submit photos and stories about interesting incidents they've witnessed.

The idea is good, except for one thing - Yahoo gives nothing in return. You send the story, photo or a video, you get some credit (for example, you can see the email of the person who submitted a photo but not even a link back to your page or Flickr profile), and that's all. Which isn't bad at all - I'm sure that many people will want to do it for free. However, anyone who's in it for a buck will keep to their old way of submitting news, so the stories about the death of traditional journalism (or rogue journalism, for that matter) don't hold water. Yahoo and Reuters will just be big players in the field, that's all, and kudos to them for thinking of it first.

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